The Vital Place of Prayer in Our Lives
Jan 8 8:55 AM

The Vital Place of Prayer in Our Lives

Jan 8 8:55 AM
Jan 8 8:55 AM

Prayer is vital in our relationship with God.  Many times in Scripture, the Lord reminds us of this, and encourages us to seek His face.

Read James 4:2.  Apparently some things depend upon our asking; and much depends upon our asking with the right motive.
Read the Lord’s Prayer.  It’s about His will, His Kingdom, His name.  Apparently, prayer re-aligns us with God in His purposes.  It pulls us into His larger perspective.
Read Eph. 6:12.  Our life in prayer is a battle.  There are real victories, and real casualties.  We fight for our joy, for our spiritual protection, and for ourselves and others to abide in the love of God.
Are you growing in prayer with the Lord?  Or are you just floating along, praying as it’s convenient?  You might want to check out last Sunday's message.  And be encouraged by Ps. 65, about what happens when we pray, and when God answers.

Click here to watch Pastor Frank's sermon on prayer from last Sunday.



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