The Vacation Bible School Community
Jun 9 10:18 AM

The Vacation Bible School Community

Jun 9 10:18 AM
Jun 9 10:18 AM

Two weeks ago, I preached about Community from the last chapter of Colossians.  That we need to live life together in community.  I encouraged folks to discover that community, if they didn’t already have it.  One method of developing community is to serve together.  Vacation Bible School is a great opportunity to serve the larger community (the children and families of the East Mountains) with a community of volunteers (from MCC).  Here are two examples of folks joining in VBS. 

“I had no idea.”

As I enter my ninth year leading VBS, that line is etched in the front of my mind.  Several years ago, it was uttered by a male volunteer following his first VBS experience.  His wife was heavily involved, his children had attended, and his church had hosted Vacation Bible School for many, many years. We made a point of recruiting and involving men who didn’t typically serve in VBS to volunteer for a morning and placed them in a teaching role.  Over the course of a morning, he taught the lesson to several large groups of children, about 100 kids in total. That was his first experience participating in the VBS community. He did a great job that morning, but the larger impact was on him. He enjoyed connecting with the children and the other volunteers; he enjoyed serving together. He sees the impact that VBS has on everyone involved.

“If you can use us…”

Many years ago, I made our yearly request for VBS volunteers/workers/decorators, and after service that morning, an older couple approached me.  They were willing to help, but didn’t have the energy to keep up with a bunch of kids.  “If you can use us…, somewhere, we would like to help.”  I don’t even remember where they served that year, but the kids loved them.  This couple was able to share their faith in Christ, able to enjoy the energy of the children, and were able to bundle their talents with the rest of the VBS community to build up the body of Christ.  They have found a place to serve, to share, to belong.  Each year, I am approached. “Can you use us?”  And the answer is always, “YES!”

Vacation Bible School is upon us!  It begins in just over 2 weeks.  And the VBS community is incomplete.  We need your help.  You can be a part of the kid groups, traveling through the activities during the mornings.  You can be a part of the Music/Dance team. (Imagine that for a minute:  How would kids respond to (insert a name here.  I usually think of Dan Cravens or Rob Powell) as a dancer in that group? With a grass skirt, sunglasses and a smile.) You can help with set up in the mornings, or snacks, or preschool.  You could support and encourage parents with coffee and donuts after they drop off their kids.  You could come for Wednesday workdays.  You can donate snacks or food or supplies.  You could be a greeter as families arrive.  There is a place in the VBS community of servers for you.

Join us to serve the East Mountain community, to share the Gospel, and to grow this community of believers.  Contact myself ( ) or Nicole ( find out where you can help, or sign up here ( ).



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