Mountain Christian VBS - Making Waves 2022
Jul 1 4:28 PM

Mountain Christian VBS - Making Waves 2022

Jul 1 4:28 PM
Jul 1 4:28 PM

Making Waves!
What a week it has been! Each day, there were 100+ kids jumping, singing, dancing, and learning about how God created us in his image, that He has a purpose for each of us and has given us talents and skills
to use in loving one another.

Children also learned that Jesus invites us to follow Him, and that Jesus rose again after death, as a sacrifice for us. Lastly, they learned that we are to ‘love one another’, and spent time considering how best to do just that; they also figured out that their actions can have far reaching impacts, just like waves made on a pond.

Some highlights from this week:

  • 130 kids registered, with a daily average of 104
  • 78 incredible volunteers, flexibly serving in all kinds of capacities
  • Sebastian Knapp, Micah Johnson, and Steve Searfoss lead the daily Bible stories
  • 25 beachballs, 8 of which popped
  • Kids educated about the missions supported by MCC, and raised over $400 for Food for the Hungry in Bolivia.
  • 1 week-long example of God’s provision for His program and His people. As folks were unable to attend for whatever reason, other volunteers arrived or signed up.
  • Volunteers were challenged and grew. We had enough; enough people, enough food, enough kids, and too much fun!
  • About half of the kids/families are from outside of MCC.
  • Kids were encouraged and uplifted by the positive, fun atmosphere and the fact that they were created by God for a purpose! They know they are loved.
  • Between 4 and 11 parents attended the Parent’s Corner daily.
  • Only Charlotte Radigan and Micaiah Malizzo were on a screen during VBS as our Tech Team.

It has been an AWESOME week; much thanks to all who participated and supported VBS. We have one last event this Sunday, as we invite the VBS families to join us for an Outdoor service, followed by a potluck Brunch. Join us as we welcome and minister to them. Bring food, and stay for a while, sharing
in fellowship, learning about and loving folks in our community.

Hope to see you there!



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