Missions During the Pandemic: Peru
May 15 9:12 AM

Missions During the Pandemic: Peru

May 15 9:12 AM
May 15 9:12 AM

Join us for Part 3 of Missions During the Pandemic as we share how missionaries in Peru are continuing to share God's Word and God's love in-spite of travel restrictions and Covid 19. Be encouraged by their deep love for those they serve and our relentless God whose Word is magnified even in isolated places around the world!

In Peru we sponsor Jorge and Victor who work with impoverished indigenous villages in the Amazon jungle. COVID-19 is impacting their ministries as Peru has been locked down for the last five weeks. The virus has made its way to the small jungle cities where Jorge and Victor live. Pucallpa has 57 cases and San Lorenzo 4 cases. All boat travel is banned in the region, which is the only mode of travel. In fact, the local governments have warned that violators will be shot. These villages are remote and isolated to begin with, now they have no connection to the rest of the world.

While the Indians live largely off the land, they still depend on river trade for medical supplies, tools, fuel, and bullets (for hunting). Victor remains in one of the jungle villages with the Indians where he brings hope through daily devotionals every morning! Rather than returning to his home in Pucallpa, Jorge and his wife Esther moved into the South American Ministries compound so that they could minister to the Indian villages in close proximity. The pictures below show Jorge leading a bible study and below helping return a family to their village right before the lock-down.

Please join us in praying for Jorge and Victor.

Pray for:

  • the Indian Villagers who are highly isolated at this time. All boat traffic has been shut down and thus access to trade, medicine, supplies and supplemental food items that they depend upon
  • the health of Victor, Jorge  and their families as access to health care is very limited in the region where they are quarantined.
  • our pastors in training whose seminary classes have been postponed until 2021.

At times like these it seems even more important to pray for our missionaries and their families, to encourage them in God's Word and let them know they are not alone! Click here if would like to send Victor or Jorge a note of encouragement. Vince will make sure those notes are translated and relayed to Victor and Jorge!

Victor has also requested nine new Proclaimers from Faith Comes by Hearing. This is the full bible recorded in the language of the Indian Villagers in the Peruvian Jungle where we are working. This provides a means of keeping the Word of God in the hands of villagers in these very remote communities. While they won’t be able to be delivered until after the stay-at-home order is lifted, they will have the Word if they close things down again. These cost $75 each, and are a wonderful way for our body to show our support. If you would like to donate to this effort, on top of your normal giving, you can donate on our Giving Page and specify Missions. 

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