MCC Missions
Oct 27 8:12 AM

MCC Missions

Oct 27 8:12 AM
Oct 27 8:12 AM

Did you know here at Mountain Christian Church we support seven different minsitries and/or missionaries? You can pick up a copy of our missions book in the church foyer to read more about each ministry, but here some reasons why our point of contacts have a heart for serving -

  "I was blessed to help get AMFA started almost 20 year ago, assisting with funding, training and advice. Since this time AMFA has installed about 500 wells in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. When I periodically return to Peru it is so encouraging to see well handles worn by use and families carrying on the daily activities around the wells. But far more satisfying is knowing that we are seeding new churches, training new pastors and creating a support network for these fledgling bodies of Christ. We are truly bringing living water (John 7:38) to these forgotten people." – Vince Tidwell, contact for AMFA Water Wells in Peru

  "Von and I are the FH Bolivia contact points because we are passionate about serving the less fortunate and sharing Christ around the world! We particularly love FH Boliva as we have made personal connections with the staff in the Sucre during our 3 trips there, and admire the personal and purposeful way they do missions. We love meeting with our sponsored children to affirm that they are special in God's sight and worth traveling thousands of miles for! Even before moving to NM, we had served in Bolivia with other mission organizations - apparently God wants us in Bolivia!"  - Von and Elisa Trullinger, contacts for Food For the Hungry, Bolivia

"For over 15 years, Juntos has been engaging children and young adults in Albuquerque to both show them how much God loves them, and to help them to develop leadership skills and identify God's purpose in their lives.  As a volunteer with them, I'm blessed to see eager minds excited to improve their academic skills as well as hear about Jesus and His purpose for them.  Since many children go on to be in leadership positions within Juntos, I feel the same kind of joy I felt as a parent seeing my children mature and reach out into the world to serve.  Juntos breaks chains that might have held these children into a life without the hope of Jesus, and I love helping break chains." – Jim Arzigian, contact for Juntos

"Our family is drawn to International Students, Inc. because we love to connect with people from all over the world...but we can't always afford a plane ticket! These key points from an ISI pamphlet we found in the foyer at MCC were enough to get our attention: 

  • America hosts over 850,000 international students and scholars from over 200 countries.
  • These students represent the brightest and most influential people from their countries. They will return home to excel in business, military, science and education.
  • The majority of these students come from the least evangelized countries in the world.
  • As Christians, they can return home to be influential missionaries in their own countries.

In 2017 we reached out to the local ISI ministry representative, Joan Lasche, and she invited us to a simple and helpful orientation session at UNM's campus. We now receive regular email updates on the ways we can get involved. Here are just a few of the varied opportunities that come up regularly: 

  • Donate furniture or food. ISI hosts numerous Welcome Lunches each semester at which international students attending UNM are invited to enjoy a meal and pick out household items free of charge. 
  • Pick up a student from the airport. Can't you just imagine what a blessing this could be to a young person arriving in Albuquerque for the first time? 
  • Host a student in your home. Let someone stay with you for a few nights, or open your home to students excited to experience a traditional American holiday. 
  • Make a friend! Come converse with students polishing their English, lead an outing to a fun local destination, or look over ISI's list of students who would like to be matched with a friendship partner. 

Each time we serve through this ministry, we are blessed by the experience!"  - Jake and Emily Gray



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