Quit Yourselves Like Men -A Christian in Vegas Part 2
Jul 14 9:48 AM

Quit Yourselves Like Men -A Christian in Vegas Part 2

Jul 14 9:48 AM
Jul 14 9:48 AM

The rest of my time with the Lord that morning was sweet. He was washing me again with the truths of my call as a man, and the grace of His commission. I was in no hurry to leave this tender oasis of joy, reading, prayer and writing.

As people continued to stream by, I even witnessed a glimpse of pure goodness. An older sister - maybe 14 - was leading a younger sister through the crowds by the hand. And as they picked their way across the hotel lobby / food court / gambling hall / porn shop / distractaganza, they were talking and smiling together. It
was like another defiant assertion that truth and beauty refused to be snuffed out of this realm.

A short while later, I left my table mount, and made my way outside to place a phone call to my bride.

While I was there on the street at the strip, crowds were already milling about in the Saturday mid-morning. I was delighted to talk with her, catch up on what was happening back home, and share with each other about the Lord’s goodness.

About halfway through the call, there came the sound of a marching band, and I said, “I think that there’s some kind of parade coming.” Indeed, there was.

It turned out to be no more than a few instrumentalists; but they were followed by quite a spectacle. Women in high-feathered headdresses, and little else, were high-stepping behind them, waving their arms as they made their way through the sidewalk throngs. It was an advertisement for the evening’s performance with these showgirls, no doubt.

I saw the glitter and bright smiles on their faces; but honestly, I just couldn’t believe them. Deep down, they didn’t look like they were very happy.

I described the scene to Molly, and thinking of me, with sincerity she said, “I’m sorry.”

“No; it’s not a problem,” I responded, shaking my head. I am so sad for them. This is really terribly unattractive and tragic right now. My heart is broken for them.” I could only imagine what their life must be like, and what hardships they had known that very day, underneath all of the makeup.

By the time our conversation ended, I was in tears. Partly out of empathy, and partly out of joy for the goodness of the Lord.

Today, right now, somewhere in the world there are precious women who suffer terribly in service of the lies that our post-sexual-revolution world has foisted upon them. And right now, somewhere, there are men who are the objects of God’s affections, but who are sacrificing their wives, their children, and their very lives, searching for hope.

And right now, somewhere, there are also men who are risking their lives for a radical counter-cultural call of the Lord, to give themselves for their wives, their children, and their brethren in the gospel.

May we see as the Lord sees, from right here, right now - and be counted among them.

Oh dear friends; He answers the prayer of His children! His grace is full and sufficient for their daily needs. Be encouraged by His ready mercies!

And as for us brothers, I think that maybe the old KJV might have the expression that says it best. It’s found in 1 Corinthians 16:13 -

...quit yourselves like men.



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