A Passover Seder
Apr 7 1:45 PM

A Passover Seder

Apr 7 1:45 PM
Apr 7 1:45 PM

Our family has always had a cherished tradition of celebrating the Passover. We gather candles, use fancy glasses, wine or sparkling grape juice and a traditional Seder plate filled with symbolic foods. There is something soul stirring, sitting around a candle lit dinner table retelling the story of God's plan for salvation.


For a Christian, reading about Passover foretells the story of our snow white, perfect, and innocent Lamb whose blood was shed so that death could not touch us. Along with our Seder we read Matthew 26:1-45. We do communion as a family just as Christ did with his disciples. We read about Christ’s loneliness as He goes into the garden to pray.  Reading the story and taking communion together prepares our hearts for celebrating His rising from the tomb.


Our family usually does lamb for our Seder because we feel it is the most representative biblically, however Jewish tradition does not. A traditional Jewish meal has fish or brisket. Some years with small children has been much simpler. Some years it has been more drawn out. No matter the year or the meal, we tell the story of salvation and teach it to our children following it with communion just as Christ did with his disciples before His arrest.


If you would like to do your own Passover Seder, here are a few recommendations. It really doesn't have to be perfect or done in a traditional Jewish manner.  It really is just about taking time to reflect on that sting of death and rejoice that God provided a way for us to live. 


With small children we have used Jennifer Pepito’s free resource for a Passover Seder. It's simple and easy to follow along with. I have used this during seasons of babies and small children. It comes with free printables, a hymn, and menu ideas. To download her guide click here.


My second recommendation is for Ann Voskamp’s Seder guide. Her guide follows more of the traditional feel, but her emphasis is placed on Christ as our Passover Lamb sacrifice. Click here to download.


No matter how or even if you choose to celebrate, I pray this season is filled with joy and we can all focus our hearts on the sacrifice that was made.



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