What I'll Remember
May 8 7:50 AM

What I'll Remember

May 8 7:50 AM
May 8 7:50 AM

Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten stuck in a rut? Maybe with your job? Or maybe just with life in general?

Honestly, we’ve all felt that way before… but a new one that has been brought to my attention is ruts in relationship; specifically friendships.

Although, to be fair, it may not really qualify as a ‘rut’, per se, because you may not be feeling the blues over it. I don’t have a better word to describe it, but it happens to all of us I think.

I was asked to share what I would be taking away from all of this- this COVID-19, stay at home, isolate, etc. I was thinking about something that I specifically want to remember. Yes, it’s good to be reminded that relationship is important, that our jobs can command too much of our time when they take us away from family, etc., and etc. But. I really wanted to dig deeper for myself and decide what would I, Sarah Heckendorn, really be taking away from this?

When our state first started with the shutdown, not much had changed in my life. All working members in our household were considered “essential” so life was pretty normal for a while. The only thing that changed at work was not getting to go through the usual routine- the bible studies gathering, the quick wave to the ladies as they walked past my window, the usual phone calls asking questions about services and such. I missed that, but I still got to see the other office staff on a regular basis (as we kept our safe distance!). It wasn’t until just a bit ago when we cut our hours that things really changed. Suddenly, I was working from home most days of the week. When I was at the office, not everyone else was there (or perhaps only there for a quick bit). I definitely started to feel the effects of all of this on a new level.

To be completely honest, it hit pretty hard.  And even more so, considering there are some who have been doing this for months already. I felt a new pain and understanding in my heart from all of this, for everything that everyone is going through. All the angles and sides and it’s… it’s overwhelming isn’t it?

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my few years on this earth, it’s that when something not so great is happening in the world or in your life, God is faithful to give reminders of His goodness and blessings. One such reminder came through a conversation with an unexpected individual.

It was a Tuesday a couple weeks ago. I was by myself at the office and someone needed to come grab a mask that our amazing SIS ladies had made. I got one for them and then ended up getting into a long conversation. Nothing incredibly serious… we talked some about the state of the world and such, but th

en we talked of other things. We stood outside (more than 6’ apart!) and just talked. It may not have been the most spectacular thing in the world, but I think we’ve all been learning through this that it doesn’t take the ‘spectacular’ to make something great or good.

After our half hour long conversation ended, I popped back into the office with a little more spring in my step. It had been really great getting to visit for a bit. To have a fun conversation about all sorts of things (particularly shooting competitions! Haha!), and just ‘be’ for a while. Life felt a little more normal in that moment. A little less chaotic. But the thing I realized the most was how cool it was to talk with someone I don’t normally get to.

This brought a thought to my mind… how many times have I simply been in a ‘friend rut’? Not that this is a bad place to be, by any means. I get so used to seeing my dear friends at church, though, that I forget to go and visit with someone new. Maybe someone I’ve been sitting behind in church for weeks on end and have only done a handshake with them. Or that person that you only see in passing in between services. Either way, how many little blessings have I perhaps missed out on by getting to know and meet the other amazing people in our congregation?

It’s such a blessing to get to gather and worship with all my fellow brothers and sister on a Sunday morning… and right now, it’s been tough to have to do it virtually. But if there’s one thing I’m really looking forward to when we all meet up again, it’s getting to actually talk to everyone there. To meet the folks that I’ve simply smiled at in passing. To make all the new friendships I possibly can- even if they don’t turn into lifelong ones. Because, let’s face it. It’s hard sometimes to make time for our old friends, let alone new ones…but that shouldn’t stop me from still trying. Just a fifteen minute conversation here and there to get to know other members of the body. I’m excited to actually implement this when we gather back together.



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