The One Jesus Loves
Feb 14 11:02 AM

The One Jesus Loves

Feb 14 11:02 AM
Feb 14 11:02 AM

I saw the book Abba's Child for sale at a personal retreat 4 years ago. Being a busy mom of 6 kids, I decided to purchase it on Audible – knowing I’d be a lot more likely to have time to listen to it than to sit down and read it. It stayed un-listened to on my phone for 4 months, until a conversation with my therapist reminded me about it. I will never forget listening to it for the first time in the car on the way to a doctor’s appointment. The blessings in the preface startled me, the first chapter made me cry, the second chapter convicted me, and every chapter afterwards touched me and moved me deeply with this most life changing message: “I am the one Jesus loves.” That is all. That is enough.

When asked to write about my favorite book and why it is important to my faith, I knew which book it would be - without a doubt: Abba’s Child. It is the only book I have listened to five. times. in. a. row. not kidding. And it has brought me to tears every time. Being the first-born perfectionist that I am, I have always tried to “do the right thing” in order to please God. And I have always looked down on other people in order to justify myself as better.

Brennan Manning invited me to deal honestly with my “false self,” to bring the Pharisee inside of me out of hiding and present her to Jesus, to embrace myself as Abba’s child, to live “in the present risen-ness of Christ” and also to truly believe that “My Abba is very fond of me!”

I invite you to be loved by God as you read this book.

Love, Nicole Radigan

P.S. This audiobook is on sale for $4.99 here for the rest of the month of February!



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