Sunday Morning Matters
Jul 2 12:22 PM

Sunday Morning Matters

Jul 2 12:22 PM
Jul 2 12:22 PM

I need Sunday morning at church; in person or watching at home. Every week it refreshes me and reminds that I can be my best self, but I can’t do it on my own. Through the Holy Spirit, bit by bit, He continues His sanctifying work. It’s not nearly as fast a process as I expected when I gave my life to Christ!

Seems that most Sunday mornings we barely make it out the door on time. God willing the kids are wearing something presentable, their hair is combed, they all have shoes on and now in this season, we each have a mask. More importantly though, I hope I haven’t been too cranky getting them out the door? The first of these we can usually manage. My kids are old enough that they can get themselves ready on their own. My attitude on the other hand, is far less predictable. In truth, too often I am the one who gets short at the least offense, because we might be late, or someone can’t find their coat on the way out. Surely there are other parents out there who feel the same way!

But somehow, once we sit down, whether it’s in the sanctuary or the parking lot in our camp chairs, I feel myself relax. It’s not that we made it on time or all look the part, I know that here I will be reminded that being a mama, wife, friend, sister, colleague, and neighbor matters as I bear the witness of Christ. And it matters BIG.

When I’m brought back to Christ’s feet in worship, communion, prayer, and the teaching of God’s Word, I’m reminded that how I show the world my hope in Christ is the most important thing. How I live the gospel daily, cannot be overlooked. Sunday morning puts me in that state of mind like nothing else. Yes, I read my Bible at home, have a daily devotional I study, we listen to worship music, and pray as a family and individually but for me, it is not the same as sitting with other believers. They are as messy as I am, and I am SO grateful.

This past Sunday morning as I attempted to juggle my sweet preschooler, Bible, sermon notes, that sweet preschooler’s snack, my coffee, pencil in my lap while all while holding an umbrella and taking notes on Pastor Frank’s sermon, it seemed nearly laughable! But this is the truth, being at church is just the reminder I need every week and those little annoyances are okay. Sitting under God’s word and worshipping with others, being reminded that we are to be the aroma of Christ to others, knowing that we are all sinners who struggle TOGETHER, that we are not in this alone, knowing that God’s grace is enough for me; that’s what I need again and again.

Being in church this season feels weird; watching a streamed service for many of us, for others wearing masks around the people you love, not getting to hug them, struggling to hear what they are saying through said masks, keeping your kids from getting too close to everyone and the countless other things that make church look different right now, they are irritations but, God willing, they are only for a season.

Let’s ask ourselves how can we continue to show our brothers and sisters in Christ, our friends and neighbors, family, and colleagues the hope we have in Christ this week? How will you and I live out the gospel in every area of our lives? Even when it’s hard. Even when you are juggling a million things and emotions are high.

I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful for Sunday mornings at church, whatever they look like. I hope that you are joining us either on-line if you are social distancing, or in-person with masks on. It is the one thing that always sets me back to center and in this season I need it more than ever!

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