Our Juntos Ministry
Sep 27 10:24 PM

Our Juntos Ministry

Sep 27 10:24 PM
Sep 27 10:24 PM

Since 2005 Juntos has blessed young people in the International District of Albuquerque with a variety of programs aimed at furthering their stated goals:
At Juntos® we believe that whole families and entire communities can be transformed by young leaders discovering and living out their God-given purpose. We know that God has an amazing purpose for each of the young people we meet. As they learn to lead their community in a generous fashion, we will see families, a neighborhood, and a city transformed!

This summer there were several transformative programs involving the young people. In Bolivia, a team from Juntos worked with Food for the Hungry to celebrate a community receiving water for the first time, visit and pray with many families in their homes, participate in an entrepreneurship showcase, and encourage several new business owners with visits and prayers. The team also spent time in La Paz and El Alto worshiping and praying with staff from Project Suma, an activity to lift women from oppressive and exploitive life conditions. The team came back with ideas they had developed during the trip that will be useful in ministry in Albuquerque.

In June Kids Club attracted over 90 children and young leaders to a week of learning about Jesus and finding meaning in a walk with God. There were over 40 kids who had not attended before. Several children who had never heard of Jesus or stepped foot in a church got to learn about His love. Two of the class leads were dads who grew up at Juntos and their kids are now here! They both took the week off of work to help out. Another dad (who married a former Juntos parcipant) was a much needed small group leader in the middle school boys class. A pool party at the end of the week was an opportunity to meet many other family members and parents.

There are a variety of programs at Juntos targeting children of all ages. Volunteers are always welcome and needed, either for a single activity or as part of ongoing ministry activities.

https://www.juntosabq.com/volunteers outlines volunteer roles;
https://www.juntosabq.com/programs has more detail about the scope of programs.

More information about Project Suma is available at https://www.projectsuma.org



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