Mission Trip of a Lifetime
May 2 9:28 AM

Mission Trip of a Lifetime

May 2 9:28 AM
May 2 9:28 AM
If you’ve ever wanted to go on a mission trip but the expense, travel, and time commitment, not to mention the needed vaccinations, have overwhelmed you, then I invite you on the mission trip of a lifetime.

This mission trip requires no money, has a short travel distance, is blessed by any amount of time God has granted in your schedule and offers an opportunity of experiencing pure joy in seeing God glorified!  

You will have the opportunity to share God’s love while feeding the hungry, sharing the workload with the weary, teaching practical lessons, using your skills and abilities and learning new ones. You will share in providing work from weed pulling, painting, cooking and cleaning, to hearing life stories, praying and fellowshipping with other believers, and learning of God’s work in the hearts of unbelievers. You will pray, laugh and cry and thank God for His provision and love. It is hard work, but people are worth it! Come see how God has gone ahead of us and is already at work in our community!

You will be working in a very secular environment that God has called this church body to serve. You will want prayer partners to support you and to pray with you for the wonderful people you will meet and the challenges they face.

You will be humbled and broken and rejuvenated and so very, very blessed.  

Are you excited? Are you willing to roll up your shirtsleeves and jump in to help? Are you willing to follow God’s leading and come join a few of your fellow church members to make a huge difference in the lives of many?  

If I’ve caught your attention and God is putting it on your heart to go on a mission trip, don’t pack your suitcase, just give me or one of my fellow mission workers a call. I will be happy to share a cup of coffee and clue you in on this great mission opportunity at A. Montoya Elementary School through Shine, an APS sanctioned school/church partnership meeting the various needs of individual schools citywide. Come see all that God has and can accomplish in this wonderful school through families, students and staff.  Contact us now!



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