Mar 7 7:28 AM


Mar 7 7:28 AM
Mar 7 7:28 AM

The early Christians "continuously devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship." (Acts 2:42) The word for "fellowship" is koinonia, which means "to have in common" or "to share." As those who are united with Christ, we are to share the life of Christ with one another in a way that results in individual and combined spiritual growth.

Why do women need to be engaged in community? Simple, because they need to be reminded that they are not alone. There is something so deeply nourishing to a woman's heart that comes from spending time with other women. Engaging in community takes a girl out of the lonely perspective of not measuring up and into the bountiful environment of encouragement, support, and accountability.

Why should women engage in worship? Quite frankly, we need to be reminded of whose we are and what better way to do that than to humbly bow ourselves before the King of Kings. When we worship the King of Kings, we realize that though we are nothing in and of ourselves, we are everything in the eyes of the King. Knowing every ugly detail about us, he still chose to go to pull us out of the pit and place a crown on our heads. Engaging in worship isn't a chore, it is a heart healing opportunity to reflect on the one who made us royalty and cast our crowns back at his feet in praise.

Jodi Hendricks explores these questions, and more. She is a wife, mother of four, native New Mexican, licensed Mental Health Counselor, Director of the Women’s Ministry at her church, and an avid motorcycle rider (amongst other things)!

Jodi will be joining us for Koinonia, a women’s retreat sponsored by Mountain Christian Church. We will worship with special guest Cassie Rogers of the Kipsies through song, take a look at Community through Jesus’ encounter with the Woman at the Well, and enjoy lunch together.

Make plans to join us Saturday, March 16, from 9 am-1 pm at Nature Pointe Events. Click here to RSVP. For more information contact Emily Gray (505-297-9178) or Lisa Lemelin (505-917-2999).



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