Hanging on to the Promises
Oct 9 9:20 AM

Hanging on to the Promises

Oct 9 9:20 AM
Oct 9 9:20 AM

“... as a man of confidence in the Bible,

he found out what God had promised and rested on it. 

Faith, to [George] Muller, was finding out what God said or what he permitted,

and doggedly hanging on to the promises

even when circumstances were screaming otherwise.”

 ~ Jim Elliff

What a great reminder for us today!  George Muller’s legendary life of prayer and trust in God was born out of a secure confidence that the Lord was true, and that His promises are sure.

How do we “hang on to the promises, even when circumstances are screaming otherwise?”


In a word, prayer!

Prayer is where we lay hold of God’s nearness.  Prayer is where we pour out our needs, and soak in His truth, until our fears are assuaged, and our affections are stirred.  It’s where faith takes root, as God speaks to our soul in personal ways.  It’s where conviction is nourished, as we test all our motives in His presence.  Prayer is where God’s healing balm is applied for our comfort.  It’s where clouds and confusion are cleared away, and direction is received.  Prayer is where the truth of God comes to bear on our own experience.


If you feel far from the Lord, or discouraged; how is your time in prayer?


In this relationship with our Father through Christ, we will grow through many seasons.  Each of these may teach us new aspects of prayer.  There is not one, single way to pray; but let me offer you some suggestions to consider, if you’re ready for a new venture in your life of prayer with the Lord.  In the coming weeks, we’ll be hearing about prayer as it relates to different aspects of our life: work / school; witness; for our nation; and for believers all over the world.

This week, maybe you’d like to practice one of these disciplines, in some way.  Take a small step of trying something new, dedicate it to the Lord, and just ask Him to meet you:


  • with fasting (for a meal, or more)
  • pray on the hour (choose topics, make it a day with Christ!)
  • start with you, pour out your heart, and then move in circles outward from there
  • all-night prayer (Lk. 6:12), or wake up for a “prayer vigil” in the night
  • Morning: praises & requests; Evening: thanksgiving & confession
  • take a prayer walk (focus more on praying than on walking); invite a friend!


I’d love to hear what the Lord leads you to try, and how it goes!


May He be near, and may His presence be rich.





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