God is the Same in Ecuador
Apr 19 10:13 PM

God is the Same in Ecuador

Apr 19 10:13 PM
Apr 19 10:13 PM

Hello MCC Missions Board,

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for love, support, and prayers for my recent trip to Ecuador. During my time in Ecuador I spent my time with my team in Sucua, Ecuador about 160 miles southeast of the capital Quito. In Sucua, we worked for a Christian high school helping add classrooms to the school. It was 6 days of digging water trenches, moving rocks, and mixing concrete. It was early mornings and we finished our days with late nights in a circle sharing testimonies and discussing how the Lord is moving in Ecuador.

During this week I was able to see just how big the God we worship is and that he is the same God in Ecuador as He is in Cedar Crest and Wheaton, IL. I had many conversations with students about the love God has for His people and that we are never too far from His grace.

I saw a lot of similarities to this trip as I experienced in my trips to Bolivia with MCC. It is a people that value family above all else and seek strong community. This trip was a great reminder that the people I surround myself with are worth more than gold and to continue to pray that God will soften my heart toward His people as I continue to strive to serve Him in all I do.

Thank you again for your support and prayers.
Dakota Powell



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