Did You Know? - Angela Davis Edition
May 30 7:50 AM

Did You Know? - Angela Davis Edition

May 30 7:50 AM
May 30 7:50 AM

We are continuing our series on Getting to Know your church leaders a little bit better. Read along to learn more about Angela Davis, who serves as our church accountant.

Where were you born, and do you still consider that home, or somewhere else?

I was born in California, but moved back to NM (my parents are originally from NM) before elementary school. Home is the East Mountains for sure.  

What did you want to be when you grew up – and is that still a dream?

I wanted to be a doctor or a veterinarian. I was majoring in Bio/Chem and was accepted into vet school. I changed my major at the very end to Accounting, with a minor in math and music. I'm not sure if it's still the dream but I love medicine and still have a science thinking mind. Maybe one day I can suture someone! 

What or who was your earliest spiritual influence?

My mother has always been a believer and led us as kids to prayer and faithfully attending church. I was raised Catholic but attended non-denominational Christian youth groups in high school with one of my best friends. I would say that during those high school years I started learning more about Christ and accepting him into my life. 

How and when did Christ call you to Himself?

This was in high school attending youth groups weekly with one of my best friends. I learned that there was more to being a believer than just attending church. I accepted Christ during one of the youth group camps. Later on as an adult, Matt and I were baptized at Mountain Christian Church prior to having our first child. 

What is a scripture you often read or share with others?

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through him who gives me strength.  Living with hip issues and struggling with surgeries and healing, I lean on this verse all the time.

What is a special answered prayer you’ve received from the Lord?

Being a mother has been my special answer to prayer. We prayed for over three years before having Tori and then were also blessed by our two boys, Jack and Samuel.  

What is a blessing and what is a challenge in serving as the church’s accountant?

I get to see so many blessings being the church’s accountant. I get to witness God’s provision through our membership and see the outcome to the ministries it provides for. The challenges are minimal but are normally based on me turning accounting into a language that can be easily followed by our highly mission-driven leaders and in a graceful manner. I have learned a lot about myself and that grace does not come easy when I have my professional hat on. I am a work in progress on my grace walk.  

What are your hobbies and how did you get into them?

I love skiing! My parents taught me how to ski when I was 5 and I have been skiing ever since. The air is crisp and speeding down the hill is so refreshing. I would love to say I taught my husband, but taking him to the top of the mountain and hoping for the best is not really teaching. But I loved teaching my kids, who now out-ski me.  

What is your favorite family tradition?

Vacationing together is by far a tradition I love. We have been taking our family out since the kids were born, teaching them to live one adventure at a time. I would say that Christmas Eve service followed by seeing Christmas lights and visiting Old Town is a close second.  

How do you enjoy spending a day off?

Going to Durango. I love the mountains there and enjoy having coffee on the deck, looking at how majestic the peaks are.  

What is the perfect meal?

Anything Matt smokes in the smoker plus BBQ sauce. So delish!

Who or what never fails to make you laugh? 

Matt makes me laugh all the time. He has great Dad jokes and just sometimes purposely says something to make me smile.  

We asked Matt: 

What is your favorite trait of Angela's?

Angela's integrity is my favorite trait. She does not compromise when it comes to doing the right thing. 

What does Angela do that can always make you smile? 

It always makes me smile when she gets excited about an upcoming adventure.



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