Counting Our Blessings - Part 1
Nov 4 8:41 AM

Counting Our Blessings - Part 1

Nov 4 8:41 AM
Nov 4 8:41 AM

  This year at Mountain Christian we are counting our blessings and we would like to mention what we are grateful for.  We are truly grateful for the wonderful, servant - hearted people that make up our church home. This week and next we would like to recognize some groups of them.


  Thank you to our music ministry!  Each week you fill our walls with praise.  Hearts are poured out and praise is lifted to the heavens with the music you provide.  You sacrifice evenings to practice and rise up early on Sundays so that we may have the gift of worship.


  Thank you to our tech team! Your work can often go unnoticed, but we know the work you do.  You sit in the back and make sure the sermon is heard and those who cannot be with us in person can still be part of our service. Especially through the past couple years your efforts kept our body connected and streamed the service into our homes. Also, to the Radigan family, for all you have done and continue to do for us. We thank you.


  Thank you to those who clean our church house and maintain it! You wipe off tables and vacuum floors.  You change our signage, clean out weeds, and maintain our grounds.  You make it a welcoming place for us to gather every week.


  Thank you to our door greeters! You come early on Sunday to welcome people and you are the first impression. There may be days you don't feel overly social or happy, but your willingness to serve makes the day of many who come through the doors wanting to be called by name or given a hug.  


  To our fellowship planning committee, thank you! Thank you for working hard for potlucks and decorating at holidays. Thank you for the dishes you wash up and the coffee that you make.  Thank you for finding ways to bring us together and your creativity during the pandemic. 


  We would also like to thank Paul Brouse.  For all the ways you support our various ministries, children's ministries, and church we are grateful. You oversee so many areas and you are the life of the party at every Vacation Bible School and whenever you fill in a Sunday School class.  Paul will often be one of the first faces you meet at Mountain Christian. Thank you, Paul, for your zest and your sense of humor. 



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