Being God's Love
Apr 18 8:54 AM

Being God's Love

Apr 18 8:54 AM
Apr 18 8:54 AM

Kenia was full of smiles and had questions all ready for us. Jaqueline hugged us right away and brought out every picture we’d ever sent her – pictures she’s kept even though now she’s married with a baby of her own. David was shy and took a while to even look at us from behind his mother’s back, but by the end was playing Uno with us like a champ. Yhoselin was timid but we got a few smiles out of her during our time together. Brayan was so proud to tell us he’s entered university and his family is doing well.

All of these kids live in Villa Margarita, all have similar brick and cement single room apartments that they live in with their whole families. Each has different situations, different challenges, and a different knowledge and relationship with God. The more-outgoing have grown up with Food for the Hungry as a part of their lives for the last 10 years. The more-timid have just started working with FH in the last few months. The difference is whether or not they know they are loved by God.

I have to admit that even though our family has been supporting kids through Food for the Hungry for 15 years, and we have written hundreds of letters, I forget them. It’s just a face on my refrigerator. It’s easy for me to give the excuse that I’m too busy to write now...I’ll do it next month. What could one little letter from me really do?

But after meeting them, seeing their faces, hearing their hopes and dreams, meeting their families, hugging them, seeing their smiles – I get it. They love getting mail (don’t we all!?). They love knowing that we are interested in what’s important to them. They keep those letters, those pictures. It is important.

But it wasn’t until I was talking with Marisa that I really got it. Marisa is the FH staff member who visits with and disciples the sponsor kids and their families in Villa Margarita. She said that she teaches the kids all the time that God loves each of them. But the kids can’t see God, and it can be hard to feel like he loves them when life is so hard. On the other hand, our letters are from people they can’t see, but they can hold the letter and read the words. They can know this “unseen person” does care about them and about their futures. Then Marisa blew my mind by saying, “Your letters are how these kids feel God’s love.”

WOW. Me? My letters? What a difference we can make in a kid’s life! Not only does sponsoring a child allow them and their family to be a part of the myriad of opportunities FH provides, but we get to be how they first understand God’s love! We get to be missionaries from our own kitchen tables!

So, I challenge you – let’s do it! Let’s be God’s love to them! Let’s show the kids in Villa Margarita that God loves them by being pen pals with a purpose! There will be child sponsorship packets available Sunday between services. I promise you, you won’t regret it, and it will impact both of your lives forever!



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