A Special Week at Vacation Bible School
Jul 6 9:22 AM

A Special Week at Vacation Bible School

Jul 6 9:22 AM
Jul 6 9:22 AM

Vacation Bible School (VBS) was awesome again this year. It usually is, but this year was especially so for three reasons. We will get to those reasons in a minute. First, some details of VBS. 100 kids attended daily and were served by 87 volunteers, ages 12 – 80, doing everything from greeting families, to setting up shade structures, to leading groups of kids, to cleaning, and more. 21 churches were represented in the total of 127 registered attendees, and 11 had no home church. 47 out of the 127 were from MCC, or 37%

Why was this VBS special? The first reason is the theme/curriculum. It was all about following Jesus on our ‘Journey of Faith’. Daily themes used memorable action phrases to encourage the kids on their journey:

  • DO what Jesus says.
  • BELIEVE who Jesus is.
  • LOVE who Jesus loves.
  • SHARE what Jesus has done.
  • GO where Jesus leads.

These themes/phrases were easy to learn and remember. In a typical VBS week, the attendees learn the songs and dance moves, singing and dancing their way through the next few weeks, and may remember a few key items from the lessons. This week – they have memorable, quotable, action steps to follow. They have something to DO.

Second reason this week was special – Each of these action phrases focuses on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. Specifically, what He said and did. Read them to yourself. In order to DO any of these actions, kids have to seek information from the Bible, God’s truth, His Word! How do you LOVE who Jesus loves? Go to His Word and learn about who He loves. Read about examples of Jesus loving others and why. They have something to LEARN.

Third reason this week was special: the kids have flesh and blood examples to follow. They saw 87 people Doing, Believing, Loving, Sharing and Going all week. They got to witness what it looks like for imperfect people, who have trusted Jesus, to put these actions into practice all around them. They were able to learn about the Apostle Paul being a missionary, and then walk along side, learn from, and ask questions to folks who are in the mission field RIGHT NOW! The kids saw that there is not one way to serve, to GO, to DO, to LOVE, but the learned that there are at least 87 ways. They have examples to FOLLOW, who point them at JESUS!

We serve an Awesome God, and He has used you to do MIGHTY work through this VBS!



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