Building Bridges

How do you build a bridge? One piece of steel at a time. How do you build relationship and community? That takes time too, but MCC's Shine volunteers are doing just that by being present and showing God's love to students and teachers every time they show up! Click here to read how Shine volunteers are making a difference at A. Montoya!

Thank You!

As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who jumped in to serve our community at A. Montoya Elementary.  
In four short months, we have had the privilege of establishing meaningful relationships with students and teachers, helping to feed the families within the community, supporting the PTA in its efforts to strengthen the school, and helping the teachers foster a love of learning in their students.  
God has so blessed your efforts!
You showed up to the Science Fair, handing out blue ribbons and a phrase that some kids don't hear very often: "great job".  You loaded up groceries in the car of a young woman with four small children, and told her they were gifts.  You brought bouquets of flowers and cinnamon rolls and cookies and cards to the teachers and told them that they are seen and loved and valued.  You gave your time in the classroom or library each week, and brought relief and smiles in with you.  You gave money, which allowed us to bless the school with new books and a beautiful spot of new life.  You planted a garden. You listened.  And best of all, you prayed!
At every turn, your efforts were used by God to build a bridge between us and our community.  Do you know what they say about you Christians in the halls of this public school?
"They are SO nice."
"They're so genuine."
"They're such a blessing."
"I'm SO glad they're here."
"I hope they come back next year."
Thank you for saying yes to God's invitation to be an instrument of Jesus Christ in a title 1 public school.  To bring relief and restoration to our community is truly the work and joy of one whom He has redeemed.
I'll leave you with the verse that I used in my very first communication with you concerning Shine.  See what He has done, and continues to do, through your "yes"....
"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place."-2 Corinthians 2:14
~MCC Shine Co-ordinator Ashley Proctor
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Shine Club is a city-wide organization that connects churches with Title 1 APS schools.  Mountain Christian Church is privileged to serve A. Montoya Elementary School in Tijeras, NM.  The goal of our relationship with A. Montoya is to meet the needs of the students, families, and teachers.  We find ourselves being transformed as God uses our hearts and hands to bring transformation to this school and the community it serves. If you’d like more information, please contact Ashley Procter.

Never Alone: Jesus' Message to Us - Our Mission For Teachers

Imagine this:

Your job, five days a week, is to instruct a group of 27 to 35 pupils under the age of 10.  Many of them live in safe homes and have wonderful support from their parents.  However, at least half of those students show up without having had breakfast. Several of them couldn’t do their homework over the weekend because they lost their pencil in the car in which they live. Several others are sleep-deprived, having been pulled out of their homes late at night by CYFD. Others woke up to an empty house and return to that same empty house at the end of the school day; and so, no one sees their math test or helps them with their spelling words. Several do not own clothes that fit them. You are held responsible for the academic progress of these students.

This is the reality for many teachers in APS Title 1 schools.  Click here to read, from a teacher’s perspective, what a lonely job it can be.

We have the opportunity to support our teachers at A. Montoya. Here are a few ways you can help ease their burden, and show them that they are not alone:

  • Ever wanted to really make a difference in a child’s life?  Ever wanted to inspire a little one to dream?  Want to be a catalyst for change?  Shine is currently developing a database of people who would be willing to share their experience in the classroom once or twice a year.  Would you be willing to either speak in a classroom on your area of expertise, or help a teacher prepare a lesson?  Not only would you be supporting our incredibly hardworking teachers, but you would enrich the children’s learning experience as well.  Additionally, you would have the opportunity to help children learn to dream, and communicate that a bright, successful future is within their reach.  Click here to sign up, and become a catalyst for inspiration at A. Montoya!
  • Science Fair Interviewers Wanted!  Please join us for this fun event on Wednesday, February 21 from 8:00 am to 12:00pm.  If you’ve never listened to a second grader explain his baking soda volcano, you’re truly missing out!  This is a great time to communicate to our A. Montoya kids that they are important, that they are capable of great things, and that their hard work is meaningful.  Please contact Ashley Procter for more information or to sign up to interview kids!
  • Volunteer in a classroom. Just having another adult in there…a listening ear, a teammate, a friend…makes a huge difference in a teacher’s day.
  • Drop off some teacher supplies. We’ve got 3 bins set up in the teacher’s lounge for things like paper towels, Clorox wipes, pencils, staples, Kleenex, and pens.  These are things the teachers usually have to dive into their own pockets for.  Pick up a couple supplies when you’re out shopping and either get them to a Shine volunteer or drop them off at A. Montoya yourself!  They love to see us there.
  • Give a monetary donation to Shine through Mountain Christian Church. We will use your donation to supply the teachers with books, fill the supply bins throughout the year, purchase large items that classrooms need, pour out love in the form of food, supplies, and flowers during Teacher Appreciation Week, and do special projects that arise.
  • Help with Mobile Food Pantry: Upcoming Food Pantry dates are January 25, February 22, March 22,
    April 26, and May 10. Everything will be set up in the A. Montoya cafeteria from 3:00-4:30pm. If you can help with set up please arrive at 2:30! Click here to read more about the heart behind A. Montoya's mobile Food Pantry.
  • Pray: that God would continue to grant us favor with the community at A. Montoya, that He would open our eyes to opportunities to bless them, and that His name would be glorified in all that we’re doing.
  • Volunteer in Coach DeMill's kindergarten P.E. class: on Wednesday's from 11:00am-11:40am. Contact Ashley Procter for background check information.

Please consider joining us in our effort to join our teachers in the incredible and challenging jobs they face.  To enter another’s life and carry their burdens with them is an act that speaks so loudly of the love of our Savior, who entered our lives and took our burdens upon Himself.

Shine Club helps with mobile food pantry

There were so many smiling faces…so much laughter…and abundance. It was just amazing.”

What do you think is being described here? A family reunion? Disneyland, maybe?

This description was actually made regarding the monthly food pantry held at A. Montoya Elementary.

This event truly is amazing. Filling the baskets of those in need…being a part of God’s provision for them…is such a humbling privilege. Simple acts like hugging the teary-eyed mom, tickling the crazy toddler, and talking TV shows with the self-conscious teen allow us to be conduits of God’s love to these precious people. When people show up to this food pantry, they are hungry for more than just food. We have the opportunity to joyfully affirm their infinite worth, lend them dignity and strength, and ease their physical and emotional suffering. Again…what a privilege!

The Storehouse, a mobile food pantry serving the Albuquerque area, will set up shop at A. Montoya’s cafeteria on April 27 and May 25. Each event runs from 2:15pm to 4:30pm. Please come and experience the transformational power of our good, good Father!

Contact Ashley Procter for more information or to sign up to help.

Shine Bright Database

Shine Bright Database Sign-Up!

Would you be willing to either speak in a classroom on your area of expertise, or help a teacher prepare a lesson? Let’s support these hardworking teachers while enriching student’s learning experience! This program teaches children to dream big and communicates that a bright, successful future is within their reach. Click here to sign up! Contact Jenny Lloyd Strovas for more information.

Painting the Library!

Shine Volunteers volunteered to be part of physical transformation at A. Montoya on July 7 th by painting the library at A. Montoya!  They worked with the librarian, Mrs. Harris to transform this space into a place kids love to come!  Thank you!

Being a Shine Volunteer?

Read about Ashley's first day volunteering with the Shine program at A. Montoya Elementary.

Get Involved!

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Shine Volunteers Plant Indoor Garden

On Februrary 6th, twelve MCC volunteers helped re-plant an indoor garden at A. Montoya Elementary School in Tijeras as part of the SHINE program. The volunteers assisted in the planning, planting and purchase of the plants.  Ashley Procter, MCC Shine Coordinator, said she hopes that beautifying this area would be a great visual manifestation of transformation that we, as God's instruments, hope to bring to the school.
The idea came to Felisa Palfery's attention after a teacher made mention of an area of the school that was once meant to bring some cheer, but had become an eyesore.  So now, what once was a small garden with about 22 or so dead or dying potted plants is now filled with bright plants and inspiring colors!

But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place."- 2 Corinthians 2:14

Shine at the Food Pantry 

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